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Ristorante Bion

Ristorante Bion

via Vigonovese, 427
35127 Camin (PD)
Phn.: +39 049 8790064
Fax: +39 049 8797575
E-mail: ristorantebion@libero.it
web: www.ristorantebion.com

Elegant and comfortable restaurant in Neoclassical Venetian style, it offers a wide range of typical regional products and not only, as for example the prestigious boiled meat in the Paduan style and the special dishes with balsamic vinegar. The menu varies according to seasons and the food prepared by Ms Iana reminds the customers of all those typical tastes of the tradition in Veneto as the homemade pasta (noodles), gnocchi, sauces and purées. A special mention goes to the meat that is grilled thus becomes very tasty. The cellar and the wine list obviously give priority to local products but they also give an opportunity to find the most famous and important wines of the national territory. A further mention goes to the managers, the family Righetto, that have been managing the restaurant for 3 generations always improving it but at the same time keeping a familiar and friendly atmosphere.

Our special dishes:

the prestigious boiled meat in the Paduan style, pasta fagioli in the Veneto style, pappardelle (a kind of lasagne) with a sauce of Paduan chicken meat, homemade noodles of our production with seasonal sauces, grilled meat and the special dishes with balsamic vinegar.

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