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Ristorante Hostaria San Benedetto

Ristorante Hostaria San Benedetto

via Andronalecca, 13
35044 Montagnana (PD)
Phn.: +39 0429 800999
Fax: +39 0429 809508
E-mail: info@hostariasanbenedetto.it
web: www.ristorantesanbenedetto.it

The restaurant is right in the city centre of Montagnana, a wonderful building of the 18th century with internal garden.

The family Rugolotto offers a personal welcoming, and a careful service to their guests to make every stay enjoyable.

The delicious food linked to the tradition of the Veneto region and prepared in the classical style is prepared with imagination in every single detail and is matched with a wide selection of vintage wines.

Homemade cakes also contribute to give a special touch of creativity and originality for example with the hazel pie with chestnut cream or the “fugassa” (a kind of cake) with quince cream thus creating a mixture of innovation and tradition.

Our special dishes:

Raw sweet ham of Montagnana

Salad of Paduan chicken with raisins, walnuts and pine seeds

Potatoes with mushrooms

Pappardelle (kind of lasagne) with goose meat sauce

Cannelloni with wild herbs with Montasio cheese fondue

Beef cheek in the Friuli style

Leg of rabbit without bones stuffed with olives

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