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Ristorante Piroga Padova

Ristorante Piroga Padova

via Euganea, 48
35030 Tencarola di Selvazzano (PD)
Phn.: +39 049 637225 / 637966
Fax: +39 049 637460
E-mail: info@hotelpiroga.com
web: www.piroga.it


The place is the hinterland of Padua, close to a bight of the river Bacchiglione in the cool atmosphere of the river at the foot of the green Euganean Hills. It is an oasis where you can spend hours of relax, the Hotel Ristorante Centro Congressi Piroga**** is the most complete answer to the needs of those who want to combine work and holiday, or to the needs of the gourmet that can find interesting answers in the refined regional food matched with quality wines.

The family Soranzo and C. Tognazzo welcome their customers with rich buffets of starters, they cherish them with inviting proposals describing every dish passionately and professionally. The typical Paduan dishes made with chosen products together with continental, international dishes and menus for special needs make Piroga Padova**** a place where every request can be satisfied.

Average cost (drinks not included): € 35

Total seats: 400 (Sala Rosa 300; Sala Enoteca 15; Sala Veranda 25; Sala Emozioni 60)

Seats outside: 150 in an equipped garden


Our special dishes:

Rabbit “al fiore” with potatoes flavoured with balsamic vinegar

“Cestino di Gallina con rucola e passita”

Pumpkin lasagnette of the gourmet (noodles)

Risotto with courgette, flowers and shrimps

Risotto with hen-pheasant

Goose with celery on crust

Meat fillet on crust flavoured with Grana padano (Parmesan cheese)


You can book the following dishes three days in advance:

“Terrina alla Padovana”

Risotto in the Paduan style with offal

Roasted goose with celery on crust


Paduan wines on the list:

Red wine

Cabernet Franc

Cabernet Sauvignon


Fior d’Arancio

Pinot Bianco


New wine



Il Serprino

Tocai italico

White wine

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