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Trattoria Dotto di Campagna

Trattoria Dotto di Campagna

via Randaccio, 4
35129 Ponte di Brenta / Torre (PD)
Phn.: +39 049 625469
Fax: +39 049 8954337
E-mail: risdotto@hotelsagittario.com
web: www.hotelsagittario.com

In the Eastern suburbs of Padua the restaurant of the family Roverato has inherited the old tradition of the ancient countryside inns specialised in poultry and barn animals.

Risotto with radicchio and truffle and homemade bigoli (noodles) with chicken giblets or duck meat sauce and mushrooms are followed by the tasty filled guinea fowl, the cod “mantecato” and in winter roast and boiled meat to be garnished with green sauce or the traditional “pearà”.

Our special dishes:

Polenta and omelette with vegetable in season

Risotto in season

Cuttlefish in the Venetian style

Fried “moeche” (soft-shell crabs)

Sweet raw ham of Montagnana with salad of porcini mushrooms and nuts

Selection of roasted meat

Bigoli in duck meat sauce

Pasta e fagioli

Homemade cakes


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